Sorrento Coast Boat Tour

Discover Sorrento and its natural wonders with our boat tour on the Sorrento coast that awaits you to explore one of the most suggestive places in Italy by sea.

Private Boat tours to Sorrento Coast

Discover Sorrento and its natural marvels with the half-day Sorrento boat tour that will bring you on an exploration of one of the most suggestive locations in Italy via sea.
The Sorrento Coast has a lot to offer to tourists from an archaeological and historical point of view, too, since it has been a land of wanderers, young noblemen, intellectuals and artists for centuries who, fascinated by Sorrento’s temperate climate and wonders, came to spend their holidays in this charming town that dominates the Bay of Naples from the tuff cliff it’s perched on.


 each boat tour includes:

Golden Charter Sorrento

Half-Day Sorrento Coast boat tour

  • Meeting point at agreed port
  • Pick up available if required
  • Navigation along the Sorrento coast with scheduled stopover at Bagni della Regina Giovanna for snorkeling and swimming
  • Navigation towards Punta Campanella, Protected Marine Area, and towards Massa Lubrense, an almost intact ancient fishermen village
  • Close to Massa Lubrense, you’ll see the “Cascatella”, a small natural waterfall, flowing directly from the rock
  • Nerano Bay with its characteristic wooden piers
  • Return to departure port with limoncello tasting during the crossing

tour description

During the boat tour of the Sorrento Coast by Golden Charter Sorrento, you can admire the majestic cliffs overlooking the sea, coves carved into the rock, small villages of fishermen and archaeological remains, vestiges of an ancient time.

In fact, you will swim in the waters made famous by the Queen of Anjou, the famous "Bagni della Regina Giovanna”, an arch of natural rock that encloses a seawater pool where, according to the legend, the Angevin queen met with her lovers. Here the remains of an ancient maritime villa dating back to the 1st century AD, the Villa of Pollio Felice, dominate the panorama.

Arrival at the Bay of Nerano, with its famous restaurants on the wooden piers that serve fresh fish specialties and also the very famous and delicious "Spaghetti alla Nerano", a recipe based on courgettes and provolone del Monaco, a typical cheese of the coastal area.
Time for a refreshing sea bath in the fresh waters of this famous bay, and return to the port of departure with a tasting of limoncello.

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